Sidewalk Sale 24 Alpaca Plaid Blanket #20 - Surf's Up Home Collection

Sidewalk Sale 24 Alpaca Plaid Blanket #20 - Surf's Up Home Collection

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Surf's Up Home's Alpaca Blankets 

🧜‍♀️A luxurious blend of comfort, craftsmanship, and ethical responsibility. Crafted from the finest Alpaca fur, sourced directly from Peru, these blankets are designed to elevate your home decor and provide unmatched coziness.

Ethically Sourced Alpaca Fur:
🦙At Surf's Up Home, we believe in responsible sourcing. Our Alpaca Blankets are made from fur that is ethically and sustainably obtained from Alpacas in Peru. We take pride in supporting local communities and ensuring the welfare of these gentle animals.

Unparalleled Softness:
☁️Prepare to be enchanted by the incredible softness of our Alpaca Blankets. The natural fibers of alpaca fur create a plush and velvety texture that's perfect for snuggling up on chilly nights or adding an extra layer of comfort to your couch or bed.

Generous Dimensions:
📐Measuring 40.5 inches in width and 63.5 inches in length, Surf's Up Home Alpaca Blankets offer ample coverage for you to wrap yourself in warmth. Whether you're cuddling up solo or sharing the coziness with a loved one, our blankets are designed for your utmost comfort.

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