Back in 2014, a single mother of four got the idea to manufacture soy candles while attending a local festival. After doing some research, she started what would become an incredible business with just a crock pot in her kitchen.
Her multiple crock pot operation quickly turned into a garage warehouse and she was able to start hiring employees to help in her dream. She worked 24/7 to get her name out to local retailers and word started to spread country wide.
Her creative mind never stopped working as she now has a full line of paint can candles, bath bombs, soaps, sugar scrubs, diffusers, and air fresheners to compliment her mason jar candles that she has become notorious for.
With now over 50 fragrances and 8 products, Surf's Up Candle opened it's first retail store in June of 2017 and has grown to a 10,000 sq ft warehouse and 10 employees to ship to retailers worldwide.
What separates Surf's Up Candle from other candle manufacturers is the passion and drive to create an all natural, handmade product that customers have come to trust and love.